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Asked who Pat Hubbard is, I'd have to say first a mother of 9, (7 natural children, 3 who died, 4 who lived, 2 step-children and a grandmother of 14. I have been a wife twice, divorced once and widowed once.
A true Scorpio, searching, knowing, stubborn, a lover, generous and always asking "Why?"
Besides being a writer, I have facilitated a Support Group for those who are separated, divorced or widowed for the past 12 years. This has been a valley of ideas for many of my articles and a mountain of knowledge about humankind.
I hope my life experiences have made a difference in those I've encountered, but I am not through yet. (Hear that God?)


ceramics, hobbies: reading, writing, grandchildren. i like movies that make me cry, including children's movies, also comedies. tolerate tv.